Allison Fox, MD

Certified with the American Board Of Family Medicine

Brown University Family Medicine Residency

Saint George's University School Of Medicine

University of New Hampshire (Women's Studies, Pre-Med)


Live Healthfully


With Renewed Purpose

Alli is a board certified family medicine physician who has a passion for helping people balance and heal the body, the mind, and the spirit to achieve complete and meaningful health.
After relocating to Maplewood in 2013, she became interested in bringing her love of holistic health locally.  That dream was realized with the opening of re•new.  At re•new, Alli will not be practicing in a traditional allopathic (M.D.) role, but will instead serve as a highly trained health coach, helping her clients facilitate positive change and navigate what is arguably the most confusing health system in the world.
Whereas primary care physicians focus their energy on each and every aspect of ones health; from knee pain to fatigue, from sore throats to diabetes, Alli is able to devote her time and energy entirely to helping people manage, and in many cases overcome, their chronic health ailments.
At re•new, Alli will not be prescribing medications or ordering tests.  Her recommendations will incorporate nutrition, lifestyle, and guidance towards appropriate complementary and allopathic modalities. Her medical degree and years of training and experience allow her to understand and integrate her recommendations with those of her clients primary and specialty physicians in a safe and conscientious manner.