All intake documents must be completed on the patient portal within 72 hours of your appointment. If the items below are not complete we will unfortunately need to reschedule your appointment.

  • Visit the patient portal and register with Renew Integrative & Functional Medicine. Please upload a photo for your profile.

  • In the right-hand column select "my account details" and enter all of the requested information.

  • Select "questionnaires" and electronically sign the "patient care agreement" and "HIPAA privacy authorization form".

  • Select "labs and documents" and upload any of your recent labs or tests that you would like Dr. Fox to review. It is very important that these be uploaded 72 hours before your appointment. It is best for you to request and upload these documents yourself. Having records sent to us from other offices often leads to delays that necessitate rescheduling.

  • Enter all medications that you currently take under "my medications".

  • Enter all herbs, vitamins, and supplements that you currently take under "my supplements". If you don't see your exact brand or dosage listed, simply choose the most accurate basic option available and use the free text to type in any specifics. (Example: select "Vitamin D" and type in "XYZ brand 2,000 IU").

  • If this is your first appointment, please also schedule your follow up now for 2-3 weeks later. Because the schedule fills up quickly, waiting to schedule the follow up will mean a delay in receiving your test results and care plan. 

  • Patients scheduling medical marijuana consultations may only been seen for one appointment per day. The state of New Jersey requires either four appointments or at least a one year long established relationship with Dr. Fox in order to be be certified with the NJ Medical Marijuana Program (NJMMP). Those scheduling consultations may schedule all four visits in advance. Detailed information regarding the NJMMP can be found here.