Q1. What is Functional Medicine?

"Functional Medicine is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease." - Institute for Functional Medicine

Q2. Do you currently accept health insurance?

We currently do not accept any form of health insurance or Medicare or Medicaid, so we are considered an out-of-network or non-participating provider. If you wish, we can provide you with a visit superbill so that you can submit it to your insurance company. However, please note that it is your responsibility to determine what, if any, out-of-network benefits you have with your insurance plan.

Q3.Can I review a copy of your HIPAA Privacy Practices?

Sure! Click here to review or print our HIPAA Privacy Practices. A copy is also available in the office.

Q4. Can you be my primary physician?

I am not practicing primary care at Renew. Patients should keep their primary, I am serving as a consultant.

Q5. How should I prepare for my appointment?

Please prepare for your appointment ahead of time by registering on the patient portal and completing the following:

  • Enter all of the information requested under "my account details"
  • Sign the patient care agreement under "questionnaires". To print a copy, please Click here
  • Sign the HIPAA authorization form under "questionnaires"
  • Upload any recent labs or tests you've had done. Having these available at the time of the appointment is very important so that plans for testing can be made at the time of your visit.
  • Enter your medications, supplements, and allergies under "additional forms". Please update your list before every appointment.
  • Upload your picture
  • If this is your first appointment, please also schedule your follow up now for 2-3 weeks later. Because the schedule fills up quickly, waiting to schedule the follow up will mean a delay in receiving your test results and care plan.

Q6. Where do you recommend I buy my vitamins and supplements?

You are certainly welcome to purchase your supplements wherever you choose. We do carry many options for sale in the office. Additionally, Vitacost has many high quality brands available at reasonable prices. Patients are eligible for a discount on vitamins through wellevate. Click here to create a wellevate account. Patients are also eligible for a discount on Nordic Naturals products by using self-sign-up code 124090.

Q7. Will my insurance cover the labs you order?

Insurance coverage is very much plan dependent. You should check with your plan to see which lab they prefer you use, Labcorp or Quest. Not all tests are covered by insurance, and sometimes you must first meet a high deductible. Please find out the specifics before your appointment, and certainly before having any tests done.

Q8. How will I find out my test results and your recommendations?

When you schedule your initial visit, schedule a follow-up at that time for 2-3 weeks later, depending on how quickly you are able to get any necessary lab testing done. We will go over everything at your follow-up visit. Waiting to schedule your follow-up will result in a delay in receiving your test results and care plan recommendations.

Q9. Is the office handicap accessible?

Yes, the office is ASA accessible.

Q10. Will you bill me, and how can I pay?

Payment is requested at the time of service. Debit, credit, cash, and check are accepted.

Q11. Can you prescribe medication if I need it?

Yes, I am a board certified physician and can prescribe medication. I do not prescribe controlled substances.

Q12. Where can I park? Where can I eat lunch?

Maplewood was voted best downtown in NJ in 2015 and it has gotten even better since then. Renew sits steps from the Midtown Direct train station prompting the towns nickname Brooklyn West. Midtown Manhattan is a hop and a skip away. Parking is free on street and in lots for up to two hours. Grab a bite to eat in town, we have some amazing options.

Q13. How many appointments will I need?

The patients who do best tend to schedule follow up appointments 2-3 weeks after their initial visit and again 8-10 weeks later. They might then choose to come back if new issues arise or their condition warrants routine follow ups. That allows testing to be done right away, a plan of care to be implemented at the first follow up visit, and the longer term plan to be laid out at the third appointment. There are certainly exceptions to this, but I've noticed over the years that this timeline just seems to work best.

Q14. Can you help me lose weight? Will you give me a meal plan?

As an integrative and functional medicine physician, I look at all aspects of healing the whole person. A supportive diet and lifestyle are critical to that healing path, which is why working with someone who can help you with personalized dietary recommendations along with supportive lifestyle practices such as adequate sleep, self-care, and stress management can be invaluable. I sometimes make recommendations for particular dietary approaches (gluten-free, dairy-free, paeo, vegan, etc.) but for more support you can connect with nutrition consultant Amy Rind who can help you implement my recommendations and/or develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan that works for you.

Q15. What labs do you order tests from?

Lab tests are ordered from five main laboratories that Dr. Fox works closely with. Those labs are Labcorp, Quest, Genova Diagnostics, and Cyrex. Information on each of these labs is below.

Labcorp & Quest

Labcorp and Quest are two of the most commonly used labs used in New Jersey. They are frequently partially or even fully covered by your standard health insurance plan, but of course every plan is different so you should always confirm that with your insurer prior to having tests done. Most labs can be done through Labcorp or Quest, but there are certain Functional Medicine tests that are only available through specialty labs. Visit the Labcorp and Quest sites to see what testing options are available, keeping in mind that some tests are available only in certain states. Lab draw appointments can be scheduled directly on the Labcorp and Quest websites.

Genova Diagnostics

Genova offers highly specialized Functional Medicine testing that is not available through conventional labs. Not all Genova tests are covered by insurance, but many are. Visit the Genova site to see what testing options are available as well as to contact Genova directly to inquire about insurance coverage. Click here for a list of local labs that perform Genova testing. A cash pay pricing list for all Genova testing is available here


Cyrex is a clinical immunology lab that specializes in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity. Cyrex offers unique early detection testing and monitoring of complex autoimmune conditions. Insurance does not cover Cyrex testing. Visit the Cyrex site to see what testing is available. Click here for Cyrex labs price list.